Our Mission

We at Medica Pharmacy aim to provide the best care possible to every patient that walks through our doors.  Patient care will always be our first priority and we will always be looking for new ways to improve and expand the care we are able to provide.

A pharmacy and its pharmacists represent one of the most accessible areas of healthcare, making it our responsibility to address the questions and concerns of all patients who seek our aid.  Our staff will always be happy to answer any questions and respond to any requests you might have.  We encourage and look forward to hearing from all our patients on a regular basis.

Every person who walks through our doors is a valued patient deserving individualized care.   Our staff will never treat you as a simple number or name, but instead, aim to build a relationship with you.  Every patient equally deserves our time and effort in order to develop and provide their own individualized care plan.

Medica Pharmacy is blessed to be part of an amazing community filled with wonderful people, and we will always aim to further support and develop the community through our care and actions.  We look forward to seeing you walk through our doors so we can welcome you to the Medica family!

Medica Pharmacy is proud to provide patient services designed to focus on both professionalism and convenience for our patients in order to achieve our mission.  Please see our list of services here for details.  Please see our contact information here if you need to speak to us directly or would like to request a refill.  We look forward to hearing from you!