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Weekly Blister
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Pharmacist Consultation

Our pharmacists are always happy to speak to our patients to answer any questions and discuss any concerns.  To accommodate our patients, our pharmacists are available to speak over the phone or in person in our private consultation rooms at the Medica Pharmacy.

Blood Pressure Readings

All patients are welcome to stop by the pharmacy to use our blood pressure monitoring equipment at their leisure.  In addition, our pharmacists will help understand these blood pressure readings and make lifestyle recommendations to achieve patient goals.

Anticoagulation Management

Our anticoagulation management service allows us to provide regularly scheduled monitoring and immediate dose adjustments based on those results, without requiring the patient to make a separate appointment at their doctor’s office.  Our pharmacists will also provide education and lifestyle recommendations to achieve target goals.  Please speak to our pharmacists for more details.

Weekly Blister Packs

Weekly blister packs are individually handmade and verified by our staff, providing patients with an entire week of medication dosing, separated into days and times (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Bedtime).  These are recommended for any patients with complex or confusing medication regimens in order to assist with correct administration and reduce the risk of errors.  Please speak to our pharmacists if you are interested in switching over to weekly blister packs.

Home Delivery

Our pharmacy has a dedicated daily delivery service to assist patients who are unable or experience difficulty in reaching the pharmacy on a regular basis.  Please contact our staff if you will need your medications delivered to your house.  Our hours of delivery are listed below, however our staff will do their best to make accommodations in extenuating circumstances.

Monday – Friday: 10am to 6pm

Saturday: 10:30am to 3pm

Sunday: 10:30am to 1pm

Compression Stockings & Socks

Our pharmacy is able to provide prescription compression stockings and socks following patient requests.  Patients are asked to come to the pharmacy in person for measurements prior to ordering.

Multilingual Services

Our pharmacy is proud to provide service in English, French, and Italian.

Walk-In Clinic

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